Stand apart from your boring competition.

Be fucking brave, with a brand & website made for your unique brand of weirdness.

You’re one of a kind.

Why shouldn’t your brand be just that?

You deserve a design as bold as you and nothing less. A brand that bitch slaps your clients in the face with awesomeness. A website that works so well your people will race to that contact form and fill it out before they can fucking blink. A strategy that stands apart from the competition because it doesn’t look, feel, or sound like anyone else’s.

At Brazen Babes Design, we create brands as unique as you. You know, the kind that are an extension of your character and so truly dialed in you’ll say holy fuck, get out of my head. We believe that being you is your fucking superpower. It’s the reason that you’ll stop drowning in the sea of sameness and stand out brilliantly, boldly, and beautifully. Are you ready to get truly seen by your dream clients? To have an expert designer who has your back, who understands YOU, and combines your badass-ness with a shit ton of research that translates into the best damn brand + website around? 

We’re here to empower you to be your best. We’re your biggest cheerleaders. We are the brazen fucking babes.

It’s time to authentically + effortlessly connect with your dream clients, confidently raise your rates, + tell your unique story.

Choose Your Adventure

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Honestly? Looks matter. Every element of your brand, from your logo to the colors you use is a bitch-slap of awesomeness to your dream clients. Great brands directly translate to better sales and more $$. Whether you need something totally new or a full rebrand, we specialize in brand designs that break out of the box, do things differently, and take you from average-Jane and cookie-cutter to holy shit, take my money already!

Stop dying by the DIY. Together, we’ll create a look that SCREAMS you so you can stand out from the copycats and get back to doing what you love.

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Have you worked your ass off to build your dream business but still not getting killer ROI and showing up as the bold as fuck boss you are?

You may be a badass with something to say, but you’re still not seeing the traffic, recognition, or infusion of cash you deserve. With intensive research and a whole lot of honest conversations that help us understand you and your unique brand of weirdness, we’ll have a two-hour strategy call and create a 25-page strategy that will help you speak to the right people, focus on your why, and step up your game without getting overwhelmed by the options.

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You have a strong vision but you don’t know a jpg from a png, nevermind what the fuck HTML and CSS are. Your website should be the hardest-working member of your team— beautiful, functional, and turning your visitors into your biggest fucking fans. We’ll ditch the generic website templates and create a custom WordPress site that is made for you.

The magic that you come away with is a website that increases your conversion rates, boosts your traffic, and lands you clients you never thought you’d work with.

Are you ready to level the fuck up and electrify your look?


WordPress is a content management system and website builder trusted by more than a third of websites online today. The thing that makes WordPress fucking awesome is that it’s open-source, which means that you as the owner of your website have unlimited possibilities when it comes to customizing your website. In other words, you won’t be stuck with a cookie-cutter, standard template or paying monthly fees just because you have a website. Plus, it’s super easy to set up pages and posts so you’re never without the tools to continue updating your site for your exact needs.

Fuck yes. We already are. Send me an email and say hi, tell me your favorite band, let’s have a heated debate on why smoked gouda is the worst cheese. You can email me at or book a call here

I get it. You’re a one-woman show or small team bootstrapping most (or all) of your shit. You’ve seen logos going for $30 on Etsy and got tempted by the free logos in Canva. But want to know a secret? Those cookie-cutter, templated designs are out there for everyone to buy. Which means it’s pretty fucking likely that thousands of other femmes in business have the same exact logo. Boring shit doesn’t fly here. We create custom designs made exclusively for you. When you have a unique brand that doesn’t look like anyone else’s, you start attracting legit AF clients who get you, who pay your prices, and trust you to create great shit. In other words, you get your return on investment pretty damn fast after working together. I swear I will make your investment worth every penny so you will come away with only the best, highest-quality designs.

It all depends on the package you select! We can talk about it on a call, so head over here  to book.

As every project is different, I cannot guarantee a finished product in a set number of weeks. Completing your project within the estimated timeframe relies on you being available to communicate and review your designs as soon as they come to you. We get it, shit happens. But, it’s best to book your project during a timeframe when you know you have some free time to review and provide feedback. On our first call, I can give you an estimated timeline, but there are no guarantees, babe.

Hell no! You’re a badass who can do it all yourself. You’ll get a comprehensive library of walk-throughs to make sure you are empowered to make any edit that your little heart desires. But, if you don’t want to do it all yourself, we’re able to help with that too.

Fuck yes, we do. We totally understand that this is a huge investment for you. We have a few flexible payment plans available, depending on your needs. All projects typically start with a 50% deposit and the other 50% can be split up before the project completion date.

Not only will you receive your brand and logo files in multiple JPEG and PNG types, you will also get the Illustrator and EPS files so you can make updates over time and have full ownership over your branding files.

I recommend planning at least a month in advance, but book a call with me to talk about specific start dates and availability!

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

Fun. Badass. Bold.

Fun. Badass. Bold.

That’s what your brand will become, babe.

Together we’ll create a brand & website that makes people say fuck yes to working with you.

Trust me, we kill it every. damn. time.

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