Faded Barbershop

Faded Barbershop Business Card

Becky with Faded Barbershop came to us with an outdated logo and a slow, basic website. We worked with her to create an updated, badass logo that really worked for the style of the shop. With a strong new logo, memorable, and unique—and a website that showcased Faded’s incredible branding and top-notch talent—Becky could focus on what she does best: cutting hair.

Starlight Rocket

Starlight Rocket is a company whose passion for nature and its jewels inspire them to handcraft beautiful jewelry from rocks, crystals, wood, bones, and little materials with lots of love. We were able to craft full branding and packaging options for this badass babe’s company.

Jess O’Connell

Jess O'Connell Logo

Jess O’Connell is probably the most badass woman in the coaching world. She spends her time helping coaches/business experts shape their message and launches into a unique voice in the crowded world of content. We were able to create new branding for her and the relaunch of her podcast and program, The Launch Fix.

Cardboard Time

Cardboard Time Podcast Business Card

Cardboard Time is a totally rad board game podcast hosted by Arwen, who is a total badass babe. We were able to create a new branding for her that matches where she is in her journey in life.