Oh, hey babe.

I’m Erika, the head bitch in charge at Brazen Babes Design.

I'm a Denver-based brand and web designer who loves
super bold coffee. inappropriate humor. ridiculously spicy foods. making to-do lists. designing rad shit.


In 2019, my world got rocked in the worst way possible. I lost my mom and, with it, all my passion and creativity. 

I lost my job. I lost my spark. I lost myself.

In the darkness, one tiny, infinitesimal spark remained. I wanted to become the badass bitch my mom raised me to be, a powerful woman who could stand strong even when life let her down. So did the only thing I knew how: I got sober. I gave a fuck. And I created something beautiful, bold, and different.

Brazen Babes Design is a creative design agency for women who do things differently. For the weird ones. The bold ones. The box-breakers who create on their own terms. 

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m not your average designer. I’m a weirdo. I curse like a sailor. I fucking love to travel (Ireland, anyone?). I don’t care what people think. And I only work with women and femme-identifying creative business owners and dreamers who show up just as boldly. Like you, I’m fearless, ambitious, and hellbent on success.

In other words, my designs are bold, colorful, and inventive so they convert and leave your client wanting more.


I will NEVER give you a logo, a brand, a website that you could find anywhere else.
I will never cater to boring as fuck trends, templates, or cookie-cutter crap. (Because being minimalist is so, so overrated. Ya with me?)
I’ll help you stand apart from the rest by creating a unique and memorable design for you – one that fits your style – and your brand – producing powerful results, all while being your amazing self.
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Fun. Badass. Bold.

Fun. Badass. Bold.

That’s what your brand will become, babe.

Together we’ll create a brand & website that makes people say fuck yes to working with you.

Trust me, we kill it every. damn. time.

Erika Sitting on a Neon Couch


● I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Graphic Design.

● I’ve designed legit shit for brands like Adult Swim (see the t-shirt I designed for them here) and the RTD Train Line (click here and here to see the station that features my design as wraps).

● I’ve been a designer for 10+ years. You can bet your ass I’ve designed brands and websites for TONS of clients that are professional but authentic as fuck.

● I’m half-analytical, half creative bitch. It’s a pain in my ass, but, as it turns out, also a superpower that works in your favor.

● Bomb as fuck reviews from brazen babes like you. (See them all HERE.)

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

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