Bold as fuck brands & websites for dreamers and small business owners.

Be brazen AF and encompass your authentic, weird, amazing self.


We’re for the women + femme-identifying who do things differently,

the babe with the power

who wants to break out of the box and stand out in her own way.

You’re not weird. You’re fucking perfect. It’s not that you aren’t authentic. You feel limited by what other people are doing with their cookie-cutter brands and boring-ass websites when you were meant to wear your heart on your sleeve and show everyone who the fuck you are.


Babe, you can only be yourself. It’s time to start running your business YOUR way. That means leaving the templated crap at the door so you can stop drowning in a sea of same and thrive.

Tired of Seeing the Same Shit

You're not boring and you're definitely not the same as everyone. So using the same shit as everyone else isn't serving you.

Can't find your audience.

You're struggling to reach the right people because your look is just off.

too busy to bother learning the tech.

Tech is hard. What the fuck is CSS? You just want to add a button to your site, not learn quantum physics.

stuck in a rut, unable to scale.

You have a logo that seems to be working fine. But it's not working for you.

Ready to be bold AF?

Hey, babe. I'm Erika, weirdo in charge at Brazen Babes.

Working from the core belief that you can be weird AF and crazy successful we design brands and websites that are 100% connected to who you are.


Just like you, we’re fearless, ambitious, and hellbent on success. Are you ready to make some magic together?

We believe in you, you brilliant, beautiful bitch.

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

Want to be really fucking sure that we're the designer for your project?

Hear from the badass babes we've helped.

Fun. Badass. Bold.

Fun. Badass. Bold.

That’s what your brand will become, babe.

Together we’ll create a brand & website that makes people say fuck yes to working with you.

Trust me, we kill it every. damn. time.

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Bold as fuck brands & websites for dreamers, thinkers, and small business owners.

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